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Yuzu Ponzu Sauce

Yuzu Ponzu Sauce


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Yuzu Ponzu is one of the most popular sauces in Japan. 

Its tart and fresh flavour is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of dishes.
Ponzu combines the rich flavours of soy sauce with the tangy bite of lemon and orange creating a unique soy flavour perfect for hot pot, grilled fish and meat.

Ponzu can be used instead of regular soy sauce in many dishes. Use as a dipping sauce for sashimi, beef tataki, shabu shabu, and hotpot dishes. Great as a dressing for salads or grilled meats.

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Ingredients List and Allergens

Ingredients List:
Soy sauce (39%), ponzu vinegar (32%) [grapefruit juice, cider vinegar, acidity, salt, natural flavour (soybean), colour (Carthamus yellow)], mirin (water, glucose, glutinous rice and white rice, alcohol, syrup), lemon juice, yuzu juice, kombu(kelp), dried bonito flake

Soy, Fish, Gluten


Keep frozen until ready to use.
Before using, leave the bag in the fridge until thawed. Do not microwave in the bag.

Use within 10 days after thawing.
Consume within 24 hours after opening the bag.