Collection: Kurobuta Pork

Whitehart Kurobuta Pork uses Japanese techniques and New Zealand environment to produce top quality Kurobuta pork. Our pigs are free farmed in Fairlie against the stunning background of the Southern Alps. Kurobuta pork has been shown to be rich in protein, vitamin B1 and carnosine which releases lactic acid accumulated in the body. It has also been shown to contain more amino acid (carnosine) than other breeds. New Zealand kurobuta pork can also contain unsaturated fat which is olein acid (omega 9) and this has been proven to help blood circulation, reduce bad cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis and heart infraction and improve the digestive system. Kurobuta pork has also been shown to have linoleic acid that decreases cholesterol, alpha linoleic acid (omega 3) and arachidonic acid that can help improve memory.