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Wagyu Roast Beef

Wagyu Roast Beef


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With Original Yuzu Ponzu Sauce

Japanese-style roast beef. Roast with low heat (55°inside). Please slice thinly by yourself.

You can eat it by itself, with sauce, vegetables or/and rice.

Our yuzu ponzu sauce pairs perfectly with the roast beef.
It's a better deal to purchase the sauce as part of a bundle, rather than purchase it individually.

Please note product will be sent in a block and frozen.
For instructions including the best way of slicing the roast beef, see the instructions below.

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Ingredients List and Allergens

Wagyu Roast Beef
Ingredients List:
Beef (99%), Salt(Salt, Anticaking Agent(535)), Black Pepper, Beef Fat.

No Allergen

May contain Gluten, Sesame Seeds, Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts

Yuzu Ponzu Sauce
Ingredients List:
Soy Sauce 40% (Water, Soybeans(15%), Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Glucose, Alcohol), Rice Vinegar 29% (Water, Alcohol, Rice, Salt), Mirin (Water, Glucose, Glutinous Rice and White Rice, Alcohol, Syrup), Dried Kelp (Kelp (Laminaria Japonica), Dried Bonito Shaving (Fish), Yuzu Vinegar (Citrus (Yuzu) Juice, Brewed Vinegar (Alcohol, Water)), Lemon Juice (Lemon Juice Preservative(E233) (Sulphites)).

Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Fish, Sulphites


Keep frozen. Make sure not to put anything else on top of the slices in the freezer, as this may damage them.

How to defrost Wagyu Roast Beef
Wagyu meat is so fragile, so please follow the instruction.
1) The best way is leaving in the fridge overnight until completely thawed. Do not put anything else on top of the meat. It may damage the meat.
2) If you forget to defrost the roast beef. Wait for at least 60 minutes in the water or until completely thawed. Change the water frequently. Please eat it within 24 hours of thawing.

Cutting Suggestion
The flavour and texture of roast beef can change depending on the cutting direction and
thickness of the slices. Use a thin sharp knife to make it easier.
1. Check the direction of the fibre.
2. Slice 2-3mm against the direction of the fibre so that the meat texture will be softer
and become juicier.

Yuzu Ponzu Sauce
Keep frozen until ready to use.
Before using, leave the bag in the fridge until thawed. Do not microwave in the bag.

Use within 10 days after thawing.
Consume within 24 hours after opening the bag.