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Wagyu Beef Sinew (Gyu Suji)

Wagyu Beef Sinew (Gyu Suji)

和牛 牛すじ

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Beef sinews are part of the cow’s connective tissue, located between the animal’s bones and muscles.

You can enjoy the texture and rich taste of beef in oden (Japanese one-pot dish), stew, curry, skewers, etc.

It can be used in stocks and sauces as well.

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Ingredients List and Allergens

Ingredients List:
Beef (100%)

No Allergen


Keep frozen. Make sure not to put anything else on top of the meat in the freezer and the fridge, as this may damage them.

The meat is fragile, so please thaw carefully.

To ensure the best possible colour for your meat, we recommend the following method for thawing:

・Remove the meat from its package and place them on a plate lined with kitchen paper.
・Lightly cover the meat with cling wrap and put in the fridge.
・Allow the meat to thaw overnight or until it is completely thawed.

If you forget to thaw the meat ahead of time, thaw in water for 30mins (or until completely thawed) changing the water frequently.

Please note product will be sent frozen.