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Wagyu Beef Curry - Mild

Wagyu Beef Curry - Mild

ビーフカレー マイルド

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Slow-cooked tender Wagyu beef curry.
Marinated Wagyu beef is deeply rich and falling-apart meat.

Rice is not included. Recommend to serve with steamed rice, add boiled potato and roast vegetables.

We also have Wagyu Beef Curry - Spicy.

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Ingredients List and Allergens

Ingredients List:
Beef (32%), Beef Stock (Water, Beef Bones, Garlic, Onion, Carrot, Celery, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Salt (Salt, Anticaking Agent (535)), White Pepper), Carrots, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Celery, Curry Powder (Spices, Maize, Starch, Salt, Garlic), Tomato Tin(Tomatoes (60%), Tomato Juice, Acidity, Regulator (Citric Acid), Butter (Pasteurised Cream (from Milk), Salt), Red Wine(Contains Sulphites, May Contain Trace of Egg and Milk), Apple [Apple (99%), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Firming Agent (Calcium Chloride)], Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar (100%)), Salt (Salt, Anticaking Agent (535)), Caramelised Onion(Onion(89%), Beef Fat).

Allergens: Milk and Sulphites
May contain: Egg, Soybean, Gluten and Sesame Seed


Keep frozen until ready to use.
Consume the meal within 24 hours of thawing.

Heating Instructions
[Stove top with boiling water]
1. Place the frozen meal still in the sealed bag, into an appropriately sized pot of boiling water (enough to fully immerse the bag).
2. Simmer for 7 minutes or until thoroughly heated through and piping hot.

1. Open the bag and empty the frozen meal into a pot.
2. Heating for 7 minutes over low-medium heat, stirring regularly, until thoroughly heated through and piping hot.

[Microwave (1000w)]
1. Open the bag and empty the frozen meal into a microwave-safe dish.
2. Cover the dish with cling wrap and heat on high for approximately 5 minutes, until thoroughly heated through and piping hot.

*Cooking time may vary depending on microwave wattage/stovetop.
The times given are approximate. Heat to at least 75℃.