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Wagyu Beef Ramen

Wagyu Beef Ramen

和牛 ラーメン

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Just heat up in the microwave for 7min! 

Nothing beats our ramen! The original Japanese taste in a bowl.
No artificial seasonings or preservatives were used.

Wagyu Beef Broth
Freshly prepared bone broth slow-cooked over 14 hours. Resulting in the deep and rich flavour of our ramen soup.

Wagyu Beef Char-siu (Braised Beef)
Careful simmering in a special sauce creates tender and juicy char-siu. Please enjoy the Wagyu beef as it melts in your mouth.

Topping options at home:
Bean sprouts, Boiled Egg, Cabbage, Seaweed etc.



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Ingredients List and Allergens

Ingredients List:
Beef Soup 50% (Water, Beef Bone, Cabbage, Beef Fat, Onion, Garlic, Ginger), Noodles 38% (Water, Wheat Four, Potato Starch, Gluten, Cornstarch, Canola Oli, Salt), Soy Base Sauce [Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean (15%), Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Alcohol), Mirin (Water, Glucose, Glutinous Rice and White Rice, Alcohol, Syrup), Dried Kelp, Dried Bonito (Fish), Dreid Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Anchovy (Anchovy (Fish), Salt, Antioxdidant (307 (B)) , Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salted Rice Malt (Koji (Rice, Rice Malt), Water, Salt, Ethyl Alcohol), Pink Salt], Beef, [Beef, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans (15%), Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Glucose, Alcohol)], Mirin (Water, Glucose, Glutinous Rice and White Rice, Alcohol, Syrup), Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar (100%)), Garlic, Ginger, Glucose Syrup (Glucose, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites )], Spring Onion, Garlic Oil (Tallow, Garlic, Ginger, Spring Onion).

Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Fish and Sulphites


Frozen until ready to use. Do not thaw.

Heating Instruction from FROZEN
[Microwave (1400W)]
1. Remove the sleeve. Put the bowl of the ramen with the lid on into a microwave-safe bowl.
Please make sure the lid is securely in place.
2. Heat on high for 7 munites.
3. Stir well, serve and enjoy!
If the taste is too strong, put a little boiling water.

1. Remove sleeve and container and place the ramen into a small pot or pan with a lid on (Keeping the lid on is very important to reduce evaporation).
2. Heat for 5 minutes with the lid on med/high heat.
3. Once you see that soup is fully melted, submerge the toppings then heat for 1-2 minutes to bring it to a full boil.
4. Remove from heat, stir well and serve.
If the taste is too strong, put a little boiling water.

Cooking time may vary depending on the microwave wattage/the size and type of stovetop.
All ingredients are fully cooked.