Yakiniku Slice Wagyu Red Meat – Select 200g


The reddish meat on the arm makes it easy for fine marble to enter. It is a soft place even though it is chewy. It’s a place where you can use it well, so it has a strong taste. The more you chew, the more the taste of meat spreads.

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How to storage Yakiniku slice meat
Storage in the freezer and do not put anything else on top of the item.It may damage on the meat.

How to defrost Yakiniku slice meat
Wagyu sliced meat are so fragile, so please follow the instruction.
1) Best way is leave in the fridge overnight until completely thawed. Do not put anything else on the top of the meat. It may damage on the meat.
2) If you forget defrost the Yakiniku slice meat. Wait for 30 minutes in the water or until completely thawed. Change the water frequently.

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New Zealand


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